10 celebs who literally don’t age and are more attractive than ever – We can all conclude that No. 9 is immortal (With Pics)


Celebrities who do not grow old: being a celebrity can be more difficult than you think. We often associate fame and fortune with celebrity, but we easily forget how critically people judge actors and actors. When they walk on the red carpet, we judge their entire clothes. Even if they go to the store for shopping on a Sunday afternoon, we judge them by what they wear or what they look like. Heaven forbids Miley Cyrus to go to the store without makeup, right?

Celebrities must stay in top form. Whether through genetics, plastic surgery or proper care, some celebrities do not feel like aging – and that’s important to their careers. If your work is about how warm you were, imagine how worried you might be if you had crow’s feet or gray hair. It’s easy to look beyond the human side of celebrities, but we must remember that they grow older just as we do. Some of them are aging just as badly. But the people on this list? Well, they resist logic, because as long as we know them, they have not aged a day.


Pharell Williams does not seem to have aged, but this is mainly due to the youth of his company. Pharell has been active in the music business since 1992, starting at the age of 19. He is only 44 years old today and his career was full of ups and downs. Most people associate Pharell only with his song “Happy,” but he is much more than that. Pharell has been in the business for so long that he will probably never retire. He does not know life outside the music industry, he spent most of his life there!

Lately, Pharell has been with his hip-hop group N.E.R.D. The group has a unique sound that combines hip hop, rock and R & B. Although the band had only limited success in the 2000s, they really found their audience with their latest album, No One Ever, Really Dies. Let’s hope Pharrell creates more music that stays as timeless as he does. Seriously. He did not get old one day.

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